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Finished watching the first new episode of Hannibal for season 2….

IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! This show is smart and well written and the visuals are so breathtaking. I love love love the art director/department. And they brought everything to a new level.. So excited for this season…. i kinda want to watch season 1 again so i can pick up on clues…….

love this man he is amazing!!!!! and Hugh Dancy  wow!!!

i don’t own this image… just borrowing

First day of school is always…

Kinda boring but in thegood way… the just chill before teachers get too kray kray …. aparently my organic chemistry prof did not get that memo … I already have a test next week but its on the stuff covered in the first half organic chem … which not so suprisely I forgot All !! of it … so now I have to spend the next week super stressed and worried about failing !!!!  So yay school right …. I think I’ll go in the corner and cry while rocking myself in the fetal postion .. Anime style ….. lol … tempting but I’ll study first and do that most of Saturday… hahaha

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